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Disney California Adventure Park Refreshed

Redone, reimagined, revamped, reinvigorated and respectacular (is that even a word?!?). These adjectives all describe the fabulous reinvented Disney California Adventure Park! Yes, Disney has spent a whopping $1 billion plus to recreate this park, bringing it up to par with its sister park in Orlando, Florida. There’s more to do and see than ever before, so let’s dig into what’s new at this amazing destination.

Today’s California Adventure Park offers visitors the opportunity to visit 8 imaginative lands based upon Disney and Pixar characters and storylines. First, the main entrance at Buena Vista Street lets you return to the days when Walt Disney arrived in California with his big ideas and even bigger dreams. From the Los Felix Five & Dime and the enormous Elias & Co. department store, to casual eateries and the palatial and innovative Carthay Circle Restaurant, you will be transported to the optimism of the 1920’s.  Hop aboard the Red Car Trolley to enjoy this lively boulevard and feel your cares slowly dissolve as you become transported to days gone by.

Next, it’s on to Condor Flats, where your family can soar high above California on a simulated hang gliding adventure, groove to the tunes of Minnie’s Fly Girls and try to imagine what it was like when we were just on the cusp of creating an aviation industry which would change the world forever. Hollywood Land enfolds you in a glamorous setting, featuring the famous boulevards you’ve admired in the movies and dreamed of visiting one day. Kids will love Disney Junior - Live on Stage and a 3D Muppet show - both will keep their eyes sparkling with joy.

Grizzly Peak gets you into nature like you could never imagine, offering thrilling whitewater rapids, a Challenge Trail of rope bridges and other challenges, and Disney entertainment galore, including evening fireworks, a parade featuring your favorite movie characters, and even a school where you can hone your Jedi lightsaber moves. 

Pacific Wharf is based upon iconic Cannery Row in Monterey and Napa Valley’s wineries. This is the place for you to take a break and enjoy a relaxing meal under sunny skies - Mexican, Asian and other cuisines will tempt your taste buds. Fans of sourdough bread will enjoy taking a bakery tour, and everyone needs a taste of Ghirardelli chocolate to put a smile on their face. And speaking of smiles, the daily Pixar Play Parade’s floats and energetic music just makes you happy!

Paradise Pier presents a classic amusement park setting, highlighted by Disney and Pixar characters. From Ariel to Goofy to Mickey, your favorite friends will be right there with you as you board exciting rides, tap your toes to dancing fountains and dine on scrumptious dishes. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be itty bitty? Check out “a bug’s land”, which lets you experience the world from a different perspective. Last but not least, take a scenic ride to Radiator Springs at Cars Land, then off you go on a race that’ll get your heart pumping as you zip and zoom below the peaks of the Cadillac Range mountains.

California Adventure Park offers visitors money-saving park hopper passes so you can enjoy the Disneyland Park’s attractions, dining and shopping as well. It’s high time you spent some quality time with your kids, and there’s no better time than right now. California Adventure Park takes a brand new look at the glorious good ole days!

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