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Hotels in District of Columbia

A visit to the nation's capital is enhanced by the enormous number of available hotels, and we have them all at the best prices. If you plan to spend time visiting the famous memorials while attending the world famous National Cherry Blossom Festival, select a National Mall hotel for convenience. There are fabulous 5 star hotels near the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts where popular symphonies and ballets are performed. Affordable rates and every imaginable hotel chain are all offered in our District of Columbia Guide.

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District of Columbia Overview

Washington DC US


In 1790, the beautiful District of Columbia was set aside along the Potomac River per the Constitution of the United States, and the city of Washington was founded to serve as the nation’s capital.  D.C. is surrounded by Virginia and Maryland and is easily accessed along I-95 which stretches the entire east coast from Maine to Florida. Two major airports, Washington National (DCA), Dulles International (IAD) and Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) serve the area and bring millions of visitors each year.

As you are planning, you will be amazed at the number of wonderful Washington D.C. hotels available for your stay. The city was designed in quadrants, divided by major roads emanating from the Capitol building. Easy to navigate, east-west streets are letters and north-south streets are numbered, each followed by its designated quadrant (e.g. 1450 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW).  An abundance of Federal Government offices may be found here, and governmental business attracts its fair share of out-of-towners. However, tourism is also big business here!

Washington, D.C. is quite beautiful, with trees covering over a third of its 68 square miles and almost 20% of its acreage preserved as park land. Its pulchritudinous setting is only enhanced by the amazing architecture of National Memorials dotting the landscape; Historic Sites are plentiful as well, allowing you to explore the city and be visually stimulated all the while. The White House is likely the picture which comes to your mind when considering D.C.  The President’s abode on Pennsylvania Avenue is actually a National Park, and self-guided tours are available with advance planning.

The National Mall is where you can visit many sites, including the Washington Monument and the beautiful Reflecting Pool, along with the Lincoln Memorial, National World War II Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Korean War Veterans Memorial. Just south you will find the Tidal Basin and famous cherry trees, along with the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Consider taking a Moonlight Tour of Monuments for a unique experience. A variety of Smithsonian Museums may be explored along with the National Gallery of Art. Iconic undertakings include visiting Arlington Cemetery to see the Eternal Flame honoring President John F. Kennedy and inspecting the National Cathedral, 2nd largest in the country and the national house of prayer.

History is on display in this great city, but there are other things to do as well.  Walk the streets of upscale neighborhood Georgetown for upscale boutiques or attend a symphony or ballet at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; choose a professional or college ballgame as D.C. has some of the best, or ride a bicycle through Rock Creek Park; hike along some of the over 800 miles which compose the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail which winds through D.C. and three states. It’s time to put a checkmark next to a visit to Washington, D.C. on your bucket list!


Best District of Columbia Parks

National Mall and Memorial Parks

This park is a catch-all for a variety of the most important Washington, DC sites and memorials, some of which are located quite close together. Whether you have a couple days or a week, you should see as many of the following as possible: Constitution Gardens, Washington Monument, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. A number of major War Memorials are also located in this same area. Plan ahead and use public transportation. Find Discount Hotels near National Mall and Memorial Parks.

Presidents Park

The White House and its beautiful grounds comprise one of the most iconic sites in the world, so why not take a tour while visiting Washington DC? In order to tour the White House, you must request it through your Member of Congress. The Visitor Center does not require this pre-planning. Walk through six permanent exhibits relating to the White House; plan ahead to see what events or ranger-led activities will be available the day of your visit. Two trails on the 82 acre property are available for browsing monuments, fountains and memorials. Find Discount Hotels near Presidents Park.

Rock Creek Park

A natural woodland is the setting for Rock Creek Park, and visitors enjoy the beautiful outdoors by running, biking, walking their dog and simply relaxing; there are a variety of Ranger-led programs from which to choose as well. The 163-acre National Zoological Park, part of the Smithsonian Institution, is located within the park. You can explore a Nature Center and Planetarium, or attend a concert or Shakesperean production at the Carter Barron Amphitheatre during the summer. Find Discount Hotels near Rock Creek Park.

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