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Hotels near Epcot

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Orlando, FL US 32836  Phone: 407-939-1289

Take a trip around the world and never leave Orlando - that's what you get at amazing Epcot! Try foods you've never had, explore far-away cultures and learn something new from fascinating interactive exhibits.

Three hundred acres comprise exciting Epcot; the park is divided into Future World and World Showcase. Amazing, futuristic technology is the focus at Future World where you can ride a time capsule through 40,000 years, go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds at Test Track and take a realistic space flight to Mars. Eleven countries can be visited at the pavilions of World Showcase, featuring their cultures through restaurants, shops and exhibits. A classic 3-D film musical “Captain EO” can be viewed, starring Michael Jackson, while comedian Ellen DeGeneres gets tutored by Bill Nye the Science Guy as they do a little time travelling. All kinds of interactive exhibits await you, all geared to stimulate your imagination in an innovative setting. You can visit a lively Mexican marketplace, visit the Temple of Heaven in China, chow down on a Via Napoli pizza and experience a wine tasting at the Weinkeller in Germany. Try the DiveQuest to get up close and personal with your favorite sea creatures or see the whole park on a Segway. Epcot is truly remarkable – it’s a must-do while visiting Orlando!

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